Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry makes use of sedatives to assist the patient to relax while the dental procedure is ongoing. It helps with a patient’s fears. You can use sedation for any dental procedure, from ordinary teeth cleaning to surgery and full mouth rehabilitation. Sedation dentistry has to do with the use of medications that act as a sedative and allows the patient to relax while the dentist performs the dental procedures. 

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation involves the use of oral medications in the form of a pill or tablet to relieve anxiety. This produces a high level of drowsiness, but not a complete sleep. The medicine is administered prior to treatment.

IV Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation involves the use of medications administered intravenously to produce a relaxed and anxiety-free dental experience. During intravenous sedation it is standard safety procedure to hook up the patient to a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor and a pulse oximeter. Dr. Berzin is able to customize the exact level of sedation to fit each patient’s needs and requirements.

Inhaled Minimal Sedation

You inhale nitrous oxide, that is also called “laughing gas”, together with oxygen, with the aid of a mask that is positioned over your nose. The gas makes it easy for you to relax. The quantity of the sedation you get can be controlled by your dentist, and the gas is likely to fade quickly. This is the only kind of sedation that can allow you to drive yourself home once the procedure is done.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Once you visit the office and you have an interest in oral sedation, your blood pressure will be checked and we will take your medical records to be certain that you are a suitable candidate. You will be provided with instructions to follow before and after your appointment, that will be clearly explained. The process is determined by the modality of sedation administered to you by your dentist.

Oral Sedation

One or two doses of medicine will be given to you if you want to make use of oral sedation. One may be taken before you sleep the night before your appointment. Another dose may be taken prior to your procedure so that you feel relaxed while the procedure is conducted. Your level of sedation, blood pressure, pulse and oxygen level will be observed continuously throughout your procedure.

IV Sedation

A thin needle will be inserted into your vein by your dentist at the beginning of your dental appointment. The needle is attached to an intravenous tube which transfers the sedative straight to the bloodstream.  Your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen level will be observed continuously throughout your procedure. You might feel drowsy once the procedure is done.

Inhaled Minimal Sedation

A nasal hood will be placed over your nose. The amount of sedation will be controlled by your dentist, depending on your level of sedation and comfort. Once treatment is complete, the flow of nitrous oxide will be terminated and 100% oxygen will be administered for a short time. You may be discharged after a few minutes, without the need for anyone to accompany you.

Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

Relief of Apprehension

Sedation Dentistry helps to ease anxiety, thereby calming the patient down. The use of anesthesia facilitates dental treatment with no pain. Some patients may still be hesitant going through dental procedures due to pre-existing phobias, but sedation dentistry alleviates their fears, thereby making their dental procedures more pleasant.

Quick Procedure

Dentists may do more work within less time with the help of sedation dentistry. Due to the fact that patients are at ease and comfortable, appointments may be minimized because the dentist can work for extended periods of time. In short, in a single appointment, many procedures may be accomplished. This is wonderful information for both the patient and the dentist. You’ll get the dental help required in fewer appointments while reducing time and cost.

Convenient and Simple

Sensitive teeth or gums can cause an uncomfortable dental experience for some individuals. However, through sedation dentistry, their visit to the dentist has become very comfortable. The sedation will last throughout your procedure. After the procedure, you will wake up feeling rested and there may be little memory of the procedure. Sedation dentistry can also be used by patients who aren’t nervous about the procedure but prefer the most comfortable path to completion of the dental procedure.

Fewer Visits to the Dentist

Through sedation, Dr. Berzin is able to carry out more treatments with fewer appointments. Additional extensive procedures that usually need a few appointments can be completed in just one visit with sedation dentistry.

Treatment is Comfortable

Dental sedation allows our team to provide dental treatments in a comfortable way that doesn’t make patients suffer from problems like gag reflexes, that a patient may be accustomed to. When a patient is at ease, our team can focus on the treatment at hand, and the treatment is stress-free.

Relief of Pain

Nobody really wants to go through their days suffering from gum and tooth pain, but due to a phobia of dental treatments, many people are content with living through the pain. Sedation dentistry gives such people a lot of hope because it removes the anxiety associated with dental procedures. It is comfortable, stress-free, painless dental care and this is the reason this technique is widely utilized today.

Anterograde Amnesia

Dental phobias are often a result of unfavourable previous experiences, which are exacerbated by repetition of such experiences. One of the desirable effects of sedation may be its amnesic effects. With sedation dentistry, the amnesia will not facilitate any additive effects to any phobias, as the patient will not develop new memories.This can be beneficial in minimizing the fear experienced by dental patients on subsequent appointments.

Perfect for People with Phobias

It was previously difficult to convince individuals who are dealing with phobias and experiencing hypersensitivity and genuine discomfort to visit the dentist. However, sedation dentistry has allowed us to carry out a full spectrum of procedures on patients that are dealing with phobias and fears of dental procedures.

Why Choose Dr. Berzin?

Dedication and Care

Dr. Berzin is an award-winning doctor who has received great recognition for his work, from his colleagues and his patients. He combines more than two decades of experience to create the gorgeous smiles his patients dream of. Dr. Berzin is dedicated to treating all patients as individuals in a caring manner. He takes time to listen to patients, understand their needs and concerns and makes sure they achieve their goals, in a comfortable process.

Passion for What We Do

We realize and respect the fact that a lot of people suffer from dental-related apprehension. Here, in our office, we are passionate about making your visit a pleasurable experience. Through clear communications between our dental professionals and our patient, we elicit what you would like to achieve, and how you want your treatment to go, and in the process, help manage all dental phobia. To us, you’re more than just any patient. We are your partners in your goal for a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. 

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