DENTAL IMPLANTS We provide top quality dental services and care from expert dentists and staff ensuring a good dental experience for your new healthy, beautiful smile. A Pleasant Experience TEETH IN ONE DAY Our expert dentists and staff ensure that you have a wonderful smile in one day and that your dental treatment experience will be as pleasant as possible. Replace Your Beautiful Smile SEDATION DENTISTRY We create beautiful smiles with quality dental care and expertise. We also make even the most apprehensive patients comfortable with sleep or sedation dentistry. Everlasting Beautiful Smiles

Advanced Dentistry

We provide recent technological advances, enhancing our quality of diagnostic and restorative dental treatments.

High Quality Equipment

Our rapid and accurate equipment provides high quality 3D imaging for exceptional detail in planning dental procedures.

Comfortable Office

Dr. Berzin and our team take additional measures ensuring that patients feel happy, secure and satisfied during their appointments.

Friendly Staff

Our staff offers superior care to all our patients through honesty, intelligence, excellence and gentleness for any dental treatment.



Welcome to Dr Berzin Dental Implants Center

Dr. Berzin Implants Center, the office of Dr. Berzin, is pleased to welcome you to his practice as the leading provider of general and implant dentistry on Danforth Ave, Toronto.

Dr. Berzin Dental Implants Center has been serving patients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a full range of dental services associated with dental implants, including "Teeth in One Day."  We believe that our patients deserve only the most personalized, and health focused, kind dental care, which we provide in our convenient and modern up to date dental clinic. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are delighted to help you obtain excellent dental care so you can maintain good oral health or restore it to its best condition.


Meet Dr. Berzin

Dr. Berzin combines more than two decades of experience to create the gorgeous smiles his patients dream of. He is devoted to the advancement of implant dentistry. Beyond his impeccable designations and accolades, Dr. Berzin prides himself on being a people person and treats all patients as individuals.

A Brand New Smile and New Teeth in One Day!

Imagine regaining the confidence to eat all types of food, laugh and smile. It is possible! Dr. Berzin may be able to give you strong, natural-looking new teeth and a new smile in as quickly as just one day.


Comprehensive Dental Services

Dr. Berzin Dental Implants Center takes pride in connecting with people and treats each patient as a unique individual. We take the time to understand the needs of our client and ensure that they achieve their objectives.

A Range Of Implant Options

There are a range of dental implant options that Dr. Berzin may recommend for you including a single implant to full-mouth rehabilitation.

Enjoy Teeth in One Day!

There’s no reason to hide your smile over something that can be fixed in as little as one day. Let Dr. Berzin restore your smile, freedom and confidence.

Sleep through Your Procedure

If you fear seeing the dentist (or have other unique medical needs) inquire about sedation dentistry. Dr. Berzin can help you to relax with sedation, throughout your procedure.

Award Winning Dentists

Our dental clinic has award-winning dentists performing dental implants. We have gained recognition in providing our dental patients with the beautiful smiles they desire. The dentists and staff endeavor to make your dental experience with us gratifying.

Dr. Berzin

FREE Dental Implant Guide!

You can stop hiding your teeth and celebrate your new smile in just one day with Dr. Berzin’s one-day dental implants. In this guide, you’ll discover how dental implants will change the way you enjoy food and the way you smile, improve your confidence and change your life. You will learn:

  • Top ten benefits of dental implants
  • What to expect when preparing for dental implants
  • How Dr. Berzin’s unique pre-planning technique helps give you new teeth in just one day
  • Answers to common dental implant questions

Download now and discover how Dr. Berzin can change your life with Teeth in One Day and dental implants.

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