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Toronto’s Dr. Berzin Dental Implants Dental implant work that comes with confidence. Always.

Toronto Dental Implants

You can trust the experience of Dr. Berzin Dental Implants.

Getting dental implants is a life-changing decision. And we know you don’t take life-changing decisions lightly. You do your research. You consider your options. You make an informed choice. At Berzin Dental Implant Centre, we understand your due diligence, and we take our job just as seriously. So you can count on us to exceed your expectations.

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Our implants are the closest thing available to natural teeth.

Made out of high-grade titanium, expertly and permanently placed into living bone, dental implants look, feel, and behave just like your natural teeth. And we conveniently perform the entire procedure right here in our our dental implant-focused clinic.


Single implants

If you’re missing just a tooth or two, single implants can fill the gaps—each tooth on its own titanium post.

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Implant-supported dentures

Unlike regular dentures that can slip, these dentures secure to two or more titanium implants.

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Implant Fixed

Fixed implant dentures

Your new dentures are permanently attached to four titanium implants, so they feel just like natural teeth.

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Dr. Lion Berzin, B.D.S. Dr. Berzin is globally-respected for his implant work.

An award-winning dentist, Dr. Berzin has more than two decades of experience in advancing the field of implant dentistry. He holds Diplomate status at the American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry and at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists; is a Fellow at the the American Academy of Implant Dentistry; and is the Founder and Director of the Toronto Implant Continuum. Indeed, not many implant doctors have Dr. Berzin’s experience, education, and accolades.

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Here's why discriminating people choose Dr. Berzin.


Begin your journey to new teeth with a personalized consultation.

This detailed professional exam is Dr. Berzin’s opportunity to learn more about your needs and make an informed recommendation for treatment, and it’s your chance to better understand the implant procedure. Take that first life-changing step now, and arrange your private, one-on-one meeting with Dr. Berzin.