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Toronto’s trusted implant doctor Implant-supported dentures in Danforth

Implant-supported dentures in Danforth

Dr. Berzin has over two decades of experience performing implant procedures in Toronto, and is recognized for his high level of skill in this area. He and his caring staff complete the entire procedure conveniently right in our office.

Implant-supported dentures in Danforth

If you’ve been using “regular” dentures—the type that you insert using denture adhesives— then you know how inadequate and imperfect they can be. They can slip and shift when you eat and talk, they can be difficult to care for, and they simply don’t feel or behave like the healthy natural teeth you miss. Implant-supported dentures can solve this problem. They’re much more stable because they attach to permanent dental implants.

How an implant-supported denture works.

Implant Supported Denture

1 Titanium implant

These strong and not-toxic titanium posts are implanted in spots specifically-chosen to maximize denture support.

2 Abutments

The abutments permanently attach to the implants and provide attachment points for the denture.

3 Denture

Custom-designed dentures securely attach to the abutments. The dentures are removable, but when attached, will not budge or shift at all.

The steps in an implant-supported denture procedure.

Your implant-supported denture treatment is an in-office procedure that’s conducted in several stages—not all of which will apply to all people. Adequate time between stages is important, and the final restoration may involve several months of healing.

  1. Consultation

    This is your chance to ask any questions you might have, and Dr. Berzin’s opportunity to learn more about your needs and make an informed recommendation for treatment.

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  2. Preparation

    For those who need it, we’ll remove damaged or unhealthy teeth and/or perform a grafting procedure to create a more suitable implant site.

  3. Placement of the dental implants

    After using our Cone Beam CT scanner to find exactly the right spots in your jaw, we place the implants in a simple surgical procedure. Usually two per jaw.

  4. Placement of abutments

    After the bone has grown and healed around the implants, we can then attach the abutments to the titanium implant posts.

  5. Placement of denture arch(es)

    New dentures, designed to fit your mouth perfectly, are inserted and attached to the abutments. Your new implant-supported dentures are now complete!

The benefits of your new implant-supported dentures.

Dr. Berzin is an easy choice for implant-supported dentures.

Dr. Berzin could be one of the most experienced, educated, and celebrated implant doctors in Toronto. With more than twenty years of implant experience, an always-growing list of industry accolades and awards, and an approach that puts patients at ease, he and his staff are well-respected in the field of implant dentistry. Getting implants is a big decision. With Dr. Berzin, your due diligence is rewarded.

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