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Toronto’s trusted implant doctor PRF treatment in Danforth

PRF treatment in Danforth

Our unique Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment can accelerate healing, minimize inflammation, enhance clinical results, and decrease discomfort post-surgery. The treatment works by concentrating the natural healing resources from your own body.

PRF treatment in Danforth

The natural path to a quicker recovery.

PRF is a modern medical tool that improves surgery outcomes. There are specific components in your blood that exhibit powerful healing properties. With PRF treatment, we isolate these healing components and use them to help heal your own surgical area. The procedure is simple, quick, and very effective.

Just like when you go for a blood test at your family doctor, Dr. Berzin begins by drawing a small amount of your blood into vials before your implant procedure. He then places these vials in a centrifuge machine that spins to isolate the PRF portion of your blood. The separated PRF is a yellow jello-like mixture of fibrin, platelets, white blood cells, stem cells and bone growth factors. After your implant surgery, Dr. Berzin then applies this PRF mixture to the surgical areas to accelerate healing.

Benefits of PRF for your implant procedure.

Decades of PRF evidence shows that it has the power to enhance surgical results and decrease healing time. But the benefits don’t stop there.