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Dental implants by Dr. Berzin Dental Implants in Danforth

Dental Implants in Danforth

Made out of high-grade titanium, expertly and permanently placed into living bone, dental implants look, feel, and behave just like your natural teeth. If you’re missing natural teeth, implants are likely the best way to restore what you’ve lost. And we perform the entire procedure here in our welcoming office.

Dental Implants in Danforth
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It’s impossible to overstate just how life changing implants can be.

Imagine getting back to the way things were before. When you have all your teeth, you eat, talk, and smile without even thinking about it. It’s natural. Effortless. But when you have gaps in your teeth, or loose dentures, suddenly the value of healthy teeth becomes abundantly—and emotionally—clear. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn back the clock, and regain what you’ve lost? The effortless smile. The confident chewing. The carefree chatting. You can.

Of course, dental implants come with a cost, as do all dental procedures. But most patients say the reward more than outweighs the initial investment. And here at Dr. Berzin Dental Implants, we’re qualified and prepared to provide industry-leading implant procedures. You can be confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results and the value.

Implants are a superior solution to missing teeth.

If you’re missing teeth, dental implants aren’t your only option—but they’re certainly your best option. Dr. Berzin has been dedicated to focusing his efforts on implant restorations because implants:

  • restore bite force
  • enable natural speech
  • can last a lifetime
  • help prevent bone loss
  • are cost-effective
  • are easy to care for

Three implant-based solutions, depending on your needs.

Implant Single Grey

Single implants

If you’re missing just a tooth or two, single implants can fill the gaps—each “tooth” on its own titanium post.

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Denture Secure Grey

Implant-supported dentures

Unlike regular dentures that can slip, these dentures secure to two or more titanium implants.

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Denture Fixed Grey

Fixed implant dentures

Your new dentures are permanently attached to four titanium implants, so they feel just like natural teeth.

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Relax. You’re always in good hands.

Our patient-centred approach means we go out of our way to provide an implant and post-surgery experience that’s calm, informed, and rewarding. Our office is warm and welcoming, our staff are understanding and thoughtful, and our implant procedure is designed around your comfort.

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Sedation dentistry

If you’re anxious about your implant procedure, we can offer you oral, IV, or inhaled sedation options—we’ll help you decide which is right for you. Each of these options will help minimize pain, relieve anxiety, and make the treatment even easier to experience. We’re on your side.

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Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment

Our unique PRF treatment can accelerate healing, minimize inflammation, enhance clinical results, and decrease discomfort post-surgery. The treatment involves drawing a small amount of your own blood pre-procedure, separating out the platelets (PRF), and then applying the PRF to the surgical area post-procedure.

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