Teeth in One Day

Teeth in a Day is a fixed, convenient option for replacing missing teeth. It ensures the patient a beautiful, stable, and secure smile. Problems resulting from missing teeth are eliminated with this solution in one day. Also, the required appointments for treatment are minimal, giving rise to an experience that is cost-effective and comfortable.

How it Started

As early as 2000 BC, bamboo pegs were utilized to replace missing teeth in jaws. From then on, other forms of early dental implants such as different metals, sea shells, animals’ and dead humans’ teeth, were formed into teeth shapes. In 1952, P. I. Branemark, an orthopaedic surgeon, unintentionally discovered that bone grows in close approximation to and fuses with titanium, when he could not remove a screw from a rabbit’s femur while conducting research. He placed his first titanium implant into a live human in 1965. Current day implants have evolved from this discovery. 

As far back as 700BC the first denture was made. The dentures were made from human or animal teeth but as a result of an increase in sugar consumption, historic dentures got damaged quickly. Ivory dentures were made in the early 1700s from walrus and elephant tusks and it got popular when a pair carved out of hippo ivory fitted with human or donkey teeth was sported by George Washington. Porcelain was used for dentures around 1774, but they seemed too white and were susceptible to cracking, but advancement in porcelain manufacture changed that. Dentures were made in 1815 from the teeth of dead soldiers or criminals that were executed.

They were attached to a base of animal ivory with rivets. Porcelain was mounted on an 18-karat gold plate with gold spring and swivels in 1820 by English goldsmith and dental manufacturer Claudius Ash. In 1850, dentures were made from vulcanite, a hardened rubber with porcelain as the teeth. In the 20th Century, acrylic resin and other plastics became a much more viable alternative for dentures, and zirconia is often the preferred material for our implant retained fixed prostheses today.

Who We Are

Serving patients throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Dr. Berzin Dental Implants clinic offers a full range of dental services associated with dental implants, including "New Teeth in a Day." Our dental clinic with Dr. Berzin is actively involved in advancing the field of implant dentistry. Dr. Berzin is Founder and Director of the Toronto Implant Continuum. He serves as Instructor and Faculty on the Misch International Implant Institute. He holds Diplomate status at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is an Honoured Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and is a Past President of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Central District. He is Past President of the American Board of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry, where he serves on the Board and holds Diplomate status, and has been serving as an Examiner on the American Academy of Implant Dentistry Admissions and Credentials Board and the American Board of Oral Implantology/ Implant Dentistry. After performing thousands of implant procedures in his more than two decades experience, Dr. Berzin ensures that every patient walks out with confidence and a smile they will love!

Dr Berzin takes pride in being a people person and treats all patients as individuals. We take time to listen to our patients, understand their needs and concerns and make sure they achieve their goals of new teeth in one day.

Why Choose Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day is an innovative approach to replacing missing teeth with teeth supported by dental implants within 24 hours. There is constant advancement in the dental implant field, giving rise to a less invasive procedure for patients as well as a beautiful, fixed, and durable outcome.

Following conventional protocols, patients are required to wait for months to obtain a desirable outcome, but Teeth in a Day has made it possible to achieve the desired result within a shorter period of time. Dr. Berzin Dental Implants can help you solve your dental problems as well as restore that beautiful smile you deserve without delay. Patients that experience Teeth in a Day benefit from the reduction in the number of dental visits and procedures, as well as a lovely smile within hours.

Benefits of Teeth in One Day

Cracking a Smile Without Feeling Self-Conscious

Dentures have a great impact on people’s self esteem and confidence, most significantly, when it’s probable for removable prostheses to slide and slip. It becomes difficult to smile and socialize without having to worry about the unnatural look of your denture and being afraid of it coming loose at the most inopportune times.

Knowing that you can walk out of the clinic with a dazzling smile that restores all your self-esteem and confidence, as well as an assurance that your new teeth have come to stay without falling out or sliding, will change your life.

Retaining the Youthfulness of the Face

Dental implants can help minimize aging changes to your appearance, maintain your bony structures, and are helpful in regaining your youthful vitality. Dental implants may also enhance the entire facial structure. Being able to smile with bright, natural-looking teeth portrays a youthful look and a confident demeanor.

Instant Result at an Affordable Cost

With the Teeth in a Day procedure, the need for bone grafting procedures is eliminated, the number of appointments is reduced, the number of procedures is minimized, and an overall reduction in treatment time is achieved; making a reduction in cost possible. The procedure does not require a maintenance routine much different from the normal oral hygiene routine used for natural teeth.

Lower Cost

Owing to the fact that Teeth in a Day requires only a few visits as well as fewer implants, it might be less expensive when compared with conventional implant protocols which require the replacement of individual teeth over a period of time, involving multiple procedures.

Chewing and Eating Without Restrictions

The first phase of the digestive process is chewing. The inability to adequately break down solid food can result in various health problems, such as repeated stomach pains and digestive disorders.

With Teeth in a Day you can chew your favourite foods again. you can taste your food properly again without plastic covering your palate, you will feel the texture and temperature of what you’re eating, and bite into your favourite foods with vigour. You no longer need to avoid social situations, and can now regain your confidence!  

All Natural

Your new teeth can be cleaned and maintained just like natural teeth. They look and function like natural teeth. They permit the normal functioning of the nerves as well as muscles and jaw joints. The quality of life and self-esteem that was lost as a result of your teeth problems are now over. You can smile with confidence!

Fewer Implants

In situations where there is a need for the replacement of multiple teeth, for instance in cases of people with the need for all their teeth to be pulled out, an appropriate option may be a procedure known as All-on-4, which enables the replacement of the entire arch of teeth with as few as just four implants.The positioning of the teeth gives rise to the stability of the whole arch.

Are you a suitable candidate?

If you have missing teeth, deteriorating teeth, or have long-term dental issues, Teeth in a Day might be for you. Your next step is to schedule an appointment with us, at Dr. Berzin Dental Implants. It is important that you choose a dental implant expert that can provide you new Teeth in a Day, not just any dental practitioner.

Why Trust Us

Teeth in a Day is often the best approach to getting your normal life restored after losing your teeth as well as restoring your natural smile. This will enable you to enjoy the benefit of dental implants to the fullest. Dr. Berzin Dental Implants has the extensive experience needed to ensure optimum results that will allow for enhanced chewing strength, enhanced stability, healthier mouth and body, beautiful aesthetics, improved self-esteem and confidence plus a lot more.

How Teeth in a Day Work


The traditional implant method may take several months for the complete process, whereas, your dental problems can be solved much quicker with Teeth in a Day. Our team starts the process by capturing detailed images of your current jawbone structure using a high-resolution CBCT 3D scan, allowing for precise diagnosis and treatment planning, and guides us to where implants may be placed.

Damaged Teeth Removal

The removal of all your damaged teeth will allow us to eliminate all disease and start off a clean slate in the process of rehabilitating your smile.

Dental Implants

Once the foundation has been prepared, implants will be placed, providing anchorage for the new Teeth in a Day.

Temporary Restoration

Immediately after the implants are placed, your new non-removable teeth are crafted and secured to the implants in order to ensure good function and beautiful aesthetics.

Final Restoration

After healing has occurred and the implants have integrated with the bone, the final restoration is fabricated and attached to the implants, restoring your smile, function and confidence, with new non-removable teeth.

Final Words

There are a lot of causes for the loss of teeth. It could be as a result of mouth trauma, gum problems or an already existing jaw disorder. It can be just old wear and tear, in short, aging. Dr. Berzin has over 20 years of experience in rebuilding self-esteem and restoring confidence in patients of all ages. Are you interested in eating and laughing without worry? Do you have grandchildren you would love to keep up with as well as share your smile with? Benefit from this experience to the peak. Allow Dr. Berzin to give you strong, natural looking teeth as well as help give you that attractive new smile. Get in touch with us today call us at (647) 352-5577 and book your appointment

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